• Quantum Energy bracelet

    Quantum bracelet is a wearable or decorative material that carries quantum energy after quantum implantation.

    it can improve 360-degree physical fitness and get rid of “sub-health”. when you wear quantum bracelet for a long

    it improves your microcirculation quantum energy waves have the function of eliminating static electricity on human and animal skin. by wearing a quantum bracelet ring, static induction can disappear.

    the success rate can reach more than 90%. long-term wear can effectively prevent the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body and also improve skin quality, increase skin elasticity, delay aging, eliminate age spots and other effects.

    adhere to wearing a few weeks can soothe and improve the cold body, caused by hand cold, cramps, and hand numbness, the efficiency is about 80%. wearing a quantum bracelet, climbing stairs, labor will obviously feel the increase in endurance and strength

    it helps children, the disabled and the elderly to enhance their bala

  • Quantum Eye glass

    • 1. Protects your eyes from the harmful wavelengths of light coming from your screen.

    2.It also activates cells in the eyes to enhance total visual functionality.

    3.It corrects eye defects and helps to eliminate toxins from the eyes.

    such as the formation of high intraocular pressure,glaucoma, cataract, blurred vision, floaters, etc.

    4. Clear the diffuse reflection of the glass

    5.effectively remove all kinds of

    stray light and glare

    6.Improve the visual quality of the lens.

    7 .Makes the vision more clear.

    8.Prevent the aggravation of myopia.

    9.Effectively block ultraviolet ray and prevent blue ray.

    10.It keeps the eyes active in front of the computer for a long time,

    11.Reduce the fatigue of the eyes.

    • 12.It obviously relieve the discomfort caused by the screen for a long time, such as dry eyes, acid distension, fear of light and tears, headache.
  • Quantum Pendant Chain

    1. Reduces inflammation

      Promotes unclumping of cells

      Enhances circulation

      Enhances immune and endocrine systems

      Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria

      Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification

      Enhances cellular permeability

      Increases energy

      Helps promote restful sleep

      Helps to protect DNA from damage Helps to slow the ageing process

      Helps to fight cancer cells

      Strengthens resistance to the effects of stress

      Strengthens the body’s biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health

      Increases focus and concentration

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