MakolaStores Policies

1 Anti-Counterfeit Policy
1.2 Content & Image Guidelines
1.3 Delivery Guidelines
1.4 MakolaStores Data Privacy Policy
1.5 MakolaPrime Guidelines
1.6 MakolaStores Partner Code Of Conduct
1.7 Packaging Guidelines
1.8 Prohibited And Restricted Products Policy
1.9 Vendor Penalty Polic

1.1 Anti-Counterfeit Policy


  1. About this Policy: purpose; scope; and application
  2. What is a counterfeit product?
  3. How does MakolaStores detect counterfeit products?
  4. How can you ensure that you do not list a counterfeit product?
  5. What are the consequences of violation of this Policy?
  6. Further information

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